High School AP Biology students visited Lacawac Sanctuary and Biological Field Station

On May 22nd the Western Wayne High School AP Biology students visited Lacawac Sanctuary and Biological Field Station.  Students had the opportunity to engage in field research in the area of Aquatic Freshwater Ecosystems.  During the course of the visit students collected and analyzed data from two aquatic ecosystems at the station, Lake Lacawac and a pond located in an adjacent watershed.  Students collected data through various methods including collecting and analyzing macroinvertebrates, chemical testing of pH, dissolved oxygen, phosphates, and nitrates, measuring clarity of the water using a sechi disk, collecting zooplankton using nets and row boats, analyzing water temperature and observing natural habitats common to each aquatic ecosystem.  Students then had an opportunity to analyze their samples.  These rich field experiences allowed students to really understand the characteristics of a stable ecosystem.

In between research sessions students had an opportunity to hear from Dr. Sarah DeVaul Princiotta, the Director of Research and Education at The Lacawac Sanctuary and Biological Field Station.  Dr. Princiotta shared her pathway to her degree and career as well as an overview of her research on  protistan dynamics and diversity.

Please take a minute to view the attached PDF file with pictures and descriptions from our trip.  We would like to thank Mrs. Jamie Reeger and her staff for organizing, coordinating and creating such rich learning opportunities at Lacawac for our students, Dr. Princiotta for sharing her research and her career pathway with our kids and PA Association of School Retirees for providing the grant opportunity which financed the field trip.   We would also like to thank our administration for their support of this trip.  We look forward to working with Lacawac in the future as we continue to promote scientific research and career pathways in our community. Download the formal presentation here with pictures.


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