Girls Lead Club Members Raise Awareness for Women’s Rights at Western Wayne High School


It is statistically shown that women make about 76 cents per every dollar that a man makes.  This fact was one of the many statistics, about the struggles women face in society, that members of the Girls Lead club at Western Wayne High School shared with fellow students during a recent event at school.

Marianne Morgan, English teacher, decided to start the club last year as a result of discussions she had with her college-age daughter about a class her daughter was taking on women and economics.  This inspired Morgan to help young women at Western Wayne raise awareness about women’s rights.

She began by sharing the idea with students she thought would want to join the cause and the organization grew from there.  In the club’s two year history, one male student has joined.  Morgan and the other members feel very open to any Western Wayne student taking part in the organization.

This year the group consists of ten members.  Officers are Mallory Jablon, president; Julianna Cruz, vice president, Jenae Martinkovitch, treasurer; Sam Pritzlaff, public relations; Gabby McFey, art director; and members, Ty Alpaugh, Zoe Dilatush, Amanda Herald, Lauren Loscig, and Kayla Fitzpatrick.

An event the members did in the first half of the year involved them spreading awareness about the importance of feminism.  The club had a table outside of the cafeteria where interested students would come over and read a handout with some facts about why feminism is important.  Then if they wanted to participate further they wrote their own reasons for why feminism is important on an index card.  The club members then made a display of the index cards.  Students who participated received a free tote bag.  Each contained a Girls Lead pencil, a flyer about some women with notable accomplishments, and a card stamped with an empowering message such as “She believed she could, so she did!” with a Lifesaver attached and the handwritten message, “You can be your own lifesaver!”.

Pictured are members of the Girls Lead club in front of the display about feminism which was created at their tote bag give away event.  From left: Amanda Herald; Mallory Jablon, president; Sam Pritzlaff, public relations; Ty Alpaugh; Jenae Martinkovitch, treasurer; and Zoe Dilatush.


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