German cuckoo clocks and the art of clock making in RDW Art class

The 3rd & 4th grade students at RDW learned about German cuckoo clocks and the art of clock making in Art class. They watched videos about the craftsman of the Black Forest, and talked about the relationship between the environment & natural resources of a region, and the art the people of that region create. The students learned about carving as subtractive sculpture as well as the inner workings of a clock.  Students then practiced a variety of skills to make their own cut paper cuckoo clocks. They folded hinges to create working doors, they used an accordion fold to make their cuckoo bird pop out of the door.  They also made an accurate analog clock face complete with numbers and moving hands, as well as pine cones for weights, just like the real thing!  Classes discussed the importance of using good craftsmanship to ensure a sturdy and attractive finished product. Students then added embellishments and personal touches to their clocks using markers, colored pencil, cut paper and cutout shapes.


 9.1.A, 9.1.C, 9.1.F

 9.2.A, 9.2.C, 9.2.D, 9.2.E, 9.2.G, 9.2.K, 9.2.L

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