FRC 4285 Camobots place 6th in Division / Top 25 Percent in World

This April the robotics team FRC 4285 Camobots (composed of Honesdale HS and Western Wayne HS students) competed in the World Championships for robotics in Houston, Texas. They competed in a group of 608 teams. FRC 4282 finished 6th in their division which put them in the top 25% of the entire world of robotics. The team made many connections with other teams, the Department of Defense, colleges, corporations, and educational personnel from the government. FRC 4285 will be working diligently in the offseason to train up students with what they have learned and will collaborate with teams near and far to grow the program. Western Wayne teacher and team advisor Brian Landry wants to thank the community for their well wishes and all of the help they received from both them and the district in the club’s journey to this tremendous accomplishment.

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