Evergreen Bus Safety for next year’s Kindergarten

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hemmler volunteered their time and came with their BIG bus to teach the children about bus safety for next year when they are in Kindergarten!  Here are some of the important safety tips the students learned:


  • PAY ATTENTION when you are getting on and off a bus.
  • Stop, Look, and Listen – Never start walking to get on the bus until all cars have stopped.
  • Always walk around the yellow bar on the bus so the driver can see you.
  • NEVER pick something up if you drop it when you are getting on or off the bus.  Tell an adult.
  • Hold the rail and watch your step as you get on and off the bus.
  • NEVER walk around the back of a bus.  The driver cannot see you.
  • SIT in your assigned seat every day.
  • Talk quietly.  No yelling.
  • No eating on the bus.

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