Drama Club Students Attend Hamlin Open Mic Poetry Night

From left, standing:  Dr. Pat Engle, Lynn Scramuzza, Hamlin Community Library director; Jason Vass, Drama Club freshman member; Joseph Regalbuto, Drama Club, treasurer; Robert Scramuzza, Drama Club vice president; Kaori Koike, and Tomoo Koike, missionaries from Japan. From left, kneeling:  Lillian Maros, Drama Club historian; and McKenzie Kennedy, Drama Club stage manager.

Changing seasons in life, the outdoors, leaving stress behind, and the act of writing itself were some of the many topics Western Wayne Drama Club students wrote about at the Hamlin Community Library’s Haiku Poetry Night on Tuesday, Sept. 19.  The night was open to the public and hosted by Lynn Scramuzza, library director.  The group was led in the art of writing Haiku by Dr. Pat Engle, a college professor of 18 years.

Engle explained that Haiku dates back to the 12th century with the actual name of Haiku poetry being coined in the 19th century.  This art of writing poetry with a prescription for the number of syllables in each line can be linked to a tradition called Renga. Renga is an exercise when a party guest gets the first few lines of a poem and then adds on to it as they see fit to create a story.

“Haiku usually involves discussing nature,” Engle said.  “It is about marking a moment that is important to you.”

One student in attendance, Lillian Maros, Drama Club historian, shared a poem with a nature theme, “trees wave in the wind/ mountains stand unwavering /emotions can’t choose.” 

All of the  guests discussed many memorable moments in their lives.  Also in attendance along with the Western Wayne students were community members Tomoo and Kaori Koike, who are from Japan and in the local area doing missionary work.  They both said they learned a lot from poetry night.

Kaori even gave everyone an origami swan she made as a token of appreciation.  It was the perfect way to end a night where everyone was immersed in Japanese culture.

The library plans to have a variety of events open to the public in the coming months and especially hopes that Western Wayne students will join in the fun!

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