AP Biology Students Learn from Alumnus Danielle Swingle

Recently the AP Biology classes had the opportunity to learn from guest speaker Miss Danielle Swingle.  Danielle is a 2014 graduate of Western Wayne and currently at senior at East Stroudsburg University.  Danielle majors in Biochemistry with a minor in Chemical Biotechnology.  Danielle researches through the ESU Wildlife DNA Lab as well as holding an internship at a local chemical company and maintaining academic excellence.

During her visit Danielle shared her research on the Characterization of the Microbiome of American Dog Tick Mouthparts.  Her study used first generation sequencing technology to analyze American Dog tick samples collected in East Stroudsburg, PA, in order to characterize the bacteria residing on or in parts of the tick capitulum.  Danielle also shared her career pathway, information about her major and opportunities in the field of Biochemistry at local Universities.  Danielle also described how she manages her life as a student athlete at the collegiate level.  Students were excited to hear about current research in the field of Biochemistry from a fellow Wildcat.

We are very thankful to have an alumnus of the AP program take time out of her schedule to share research with our students as they study the field of Biology and plan their futures.


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