50 Years – Fall Magazine Released!

We are honored to present this publication in celebration of 50 years of Western Wayne High School!
As a tribute to a half-century of black and gold pride, this magazine showcases the memorable
milestones and moments of our beloved school from the years that led to its opening in 1973 up to
today. To commemorate our roots, we have made it our mission to uncover artifacts that date back decades.
History is written by its victors, who tirelessly worked to lay the foundation that has created the honorable
structure in which Wildcats have learned and grown for generations. From the one-room schoolhouses to
the sprawling campus of Western Wayne High School, all ages of students share the memories and traditions
of being a Wildcat. Students—past and present—have demonstrated PRIDE within our school by exhibiting
Preparedness, Respect, Integrity, Dedication, and by being Extraordinary. As Nelson Mandela famously
quoted, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” This year, we
appreciate and observe the great traditions that have had a longstanding place in our Alma Mater, and we
also look to the future as Wildcats carry their PRIDE from these hallowed halls to the world that awaits them.

Fall Magazine WW50

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