Clubs and Activities at Western Wayne High School

Some clubs are not available every year.  Please check with Guidance or the Club Advisor.


Arts Related Clubs

Literary magazine: is a student centered magazine that is produced by students.  It contains poems, stories and pictures produced by our students. Advisor: Mr. Rebar (Rm 106)


Planet Wildcat is an award-winning student publication designed to inform students and present them with an opportunity for hands-on journalism.   Student members brainstorm ideas and are involved in writing, editing, photographing events, and designing pages.   Advisor: Mrs. Morgan (Rm 104)


Stage Crew learns the basic workings of the stage from a technical point of view.  We learn how electricity works in order to run the lights.  We learn about the 4 basic light requirements:  visibility, mood, emphasis and light source.  We learn how to write and run a light plot for a production.  For sound requirements, we learn about how the physics of sound works.  We learn about sound equipment from microphones to cables to sound boards to amplifiers.  We set up sound and lights for all the programs that take place in the auditorium.  Students should have to have a working knowledge of the computer for we are often asked to run PowerPoint presentations as well.  The most important factor in a student’s decision to take the class is that we work during school, after school, in the evenings and sometimes even on the weekends.  If this is a commitment he/she cannot make, he/she should not take the course.  This can be taken as a ½ credit class.  Advisor: Mr. Lopatofsky (Rm LGI)


Theatre Arts/Musical Theatre: Can be taken as a ½ credit class. We put on a musical in the Spring.  That is an extra-curricular activity that takes place after school and sometimes in the evening.  Advisor: Mr. Lopatofsky (Rm LGI)


Band: There are multiple ensembles within the instrumental music program, such as Concert Band, Marching Band, Jazz Band, Brass, Woodwind and Percussion Ensembles. Band Class is the backbone of the instrumental music program and rehearses during the scheduled BAND period.  All students in BAND Class are automatically members of the Concert and Marching Bands.  Selection to Jazz Band, Brass and Woodwind Ensembles and other special performing groups will be established by the Band Director and are considered extra-curricular activities.

Chorus: Can be taken as a ½ credit or full credit class. Performances take place in the winter and in the spring.  Advisor: Mr. Lopatofsky (Rm LGI)


Color Guard: Color Guard is an extra-curricular activity which is part of the Marching Band.  This ensemble performs mostly with flags, rifles and other pieces of equipment but also incorporates dance in this exciting performance medium.


National Art Honor Society:  The goals of NAHS include the following: insure and recognize those students who have shown outstanding ability in art; further creative abilities and talents of society’s members as well as the school’s entire enrollment; bring art to the attention of the school and community; foster excellence and a dedicated spirit to the pursuit of art. Speakers, field trips, and numerous art enrichment activities will be scheduled throughout the year.  Advisor: Mr. Hayden (Rm 102)


Academic Interest Clubs

The Local History Club meets once a month and we discuss the history of the area and towards the end of the year we take a short one day trip to an important historical area somewhere in NEPA.  Advisor: Mr. Gill (Rm 107)


Mock Trial is an opportunity for students to function as lawyers in a real court room with lawyers from the local bar association functioning as their jury. Our team has an attorney advisor who attends many of our work sessions.  A real judge will preside over the trials when our students compete against teams from other schools. Case materials are provided and at work sessions we work through the case and the aspects of law which are relevant to that case. Students can function as attorneys or as witnesses.  It is a lot of work. Students need to be firmly committed through the middle of February and the schedule does not really allow for students to be involved in other after school activities during that time as practice will be almost daily in January. We work around special FBLA conflicts, and special band practices.  Advisor: Mrs. Jackson (middle school)


FBLA – Future Business Leaders of America: Is the largest business student organization in the world preparing students for careers in business and business-related areas. If you are interested in developing leadership, communication, and team skills, or simply looking for an organization to meet and network with others at the local, state and national levels, then FBLA-PBL is the organization for you.  Advisor: Mrs. Lubash (Rm 402)


The Scholastic Team: The scholastic team is composed of high school juniors and seniors who compete academically against students from other NEPA high schools.  Two competitions are held each year: Scholastic Scrimmage, broadcast on WVIA, and Scholastic Bowl.  Topics include everything from math, science, history and English to the arts, music, current events, etc.  Advisor: Mr. Onder (Rm 113)


Reading Team: The Reading Team (open to grades 9-12) competes in the annual NEIU 19 Reading Competition held in the spring. Students who like to read everything from popular fiction to classics are welcome to join. Reading lists are usually available before Christmas. Advisor: Mrs. Tylutki (Rm 105)


Math Club: The Math Club is a group of students who meet to practice their math skills and participate in mathematics competition (Similar to Math Counts in the Middle School).  The group meets regularly to complete practice tests and we either administer the competition here or we travel to a site where the competition is being held.  In the past two years, we have had students compete in the Annual Mathematics Contest held at Marywood University.  This contest offers prizes for Level I (Grades 9 & 10) and Level II (Grades 11 & 12) as well as the opportunity to be selected to compete in the local Americas Region Mathematics League competitions.  Advisor: Mr. Lodini


National Honor Society: It is open for application to 10th grade second semester students with a cumulative average of 90%. Their acceptance is based upon meeting the requirements laid out in the application. Advisor: Mrs. Wayman (Rm 114)


FCCLA – Family, Career and Community Leaders of America: The club is tied into the Family and Consumer Science Department. The purpose of the club is to foster leadership skills and knowledge in the student’s family and community to help better themselves and those around them. The club is involved in many activities during the year and participates in State and National competitions.  Advisor: Mr. Kobeski (Rm 403)


Junior Academy of Science: Students do a science project and present to a board of judges at possible state level. Advisors: Mrs. McClure and Mrs. Masankay (Rm 112 or 311)


Envirothon: Team of 5 students take tests in 5 different subject areas, such as aquatics, forestry, and current issues; can compete at the state and national level.  Advisors: Mrs. McClure and Mrs. Masankay (Rm 112 or 311)

Science Olympiad: Students compete in science categories individually and as a team.  Advisor: Mrs. McClure (Rm 112)


Brain B: Students compete regarding facts of the brain to win a cash prize.  Advisor: Mrs. Masankay (Rm 311)


Bloomsburg Iditarod: 9-11th grade students complete in four major areas of science in a scholastic bowl. Advisor: Mrs. Masankay (Rm 311)


The Technology Student Association (TSA):  is a Career and Technical Student Organization, which has been an integral part of technology for the past 33 years. Its mission is to foster personal growth, leadership and opportunities in technology, innovation, design and engineering. Members apply and integrate science, technology, engineering and mathematics concepts through co-curricular activities, competitive events and related programs. Students involved in TSA participate in activities that help prepare them for the future – ideally, for fulfilled personal lives, rewarding careers and civic responsibility. TSA offers camaraderie, co-curricular educational programs and competitions at regional, state and national conferences.


  • Individual Events: Career Comparisons, CAD 2D Architectural, CAD 3D Engineering, Desktop Publishing, Dragster Design, Extemporaneous Presentation, Flight Endurance, Future Technology Teacher, Photographic Technology, Prepared Presentation, Promotional Graphics, Transportation Modeling, Chapter Team, Technology Bowl.
  • Group Events: Architectural Model, Biotechnology Design, Engineering Design, Fashion Design, Manufacturing Prototype, Structural Engineering, Technology Problem Solving, Video Game Design, Webmaster.

PA only Events: Biomedical Essay, CAD 2D Architecture, CAD 3D engineering, Electronic Research, Material Process, Safety Illustration Computer.  Advisor: Mr. Landry (Rm 602)




Sports Clubs

Ultimate Frisbee Club: Ultimate Frisbee is a sport that combines the passing skills of a game like football with the field movements of soccer.  The idea being to pass a disk from person to person until a point is caught in an endzone.  Ultimate is played by more than 25 countries and is even in the World Games.  There are more than 50 colleges in PA, NY, & NJ combined, but only 1 high school team currently in NEPA and that is Western Wayne (although Wallenpaupack is trying to form a team this year).  It is co-ed and open to all students, no experience is necessary.  All players will be on the team but newer players will be placed on the B-squad and will play as an intramural and at practices.  Advanced players and long playing veterans will be placed on the A squad.  This team will play as an intramural like the B-squad, but will also play against some of the local college teams.  So far Western Wayne has played against students from East Stroudsburg University and University of Pittsburgh.  Games are and tournaments against other colleges are already being set up.  For more information go to our website at  Advisor: Mr. Zoppi (Rm 115)


Varsity Club: Varsity Club is an honorary club.  Athletes who letter in their sport are automatically members of the Varsity Club.  The club itself runs concession stands at athletic events and then we put on a sports banquet in June for the athletes of all sports and the cheerleaders.


Weight Training: An advisor supervises and works with students in the weight room after school, but students must sign up ahead of time and get permission to stay.  The advisor will take students through some strength training and conditioning, and might also cover nutrition if asked. Advisor: See Gym teachers if interested

Service Clubs

C.A.T.S.  Club – Community Attitude Toward Success.  C.A.T.S. Club is a volunteer service club.  There is nothing as satisfying as volunteering or helping out in our school or community.  Volunteering has a meaningful, positive effect on everyone.  It can have many benefits for you, too. It can help you give back to society, break down barriers and even have fun!  Employers and colleges look for students who have been involved in donating their time and energy to worthy causes.  In addition, you can gain skills and experience through volunteer work.  There will many volunteer options for students to participate in.  Pick from short term commitments to ongoing longer programs.  All students will be required to select a program to volunteer their efforts to.  Advisor:  Mrs. Johnson

F.O.R. Club:  Friends of Rachel Club designed to promote a positive environment in the Western Wayne High School through acts of kindness and general positivity towards fellow classmates.


Other Clubs

Student Council

SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions): SADD is a peer-to-peer education, prevention, and activism organization dedicated to preventing destructive decisions, particularly underage drinking, other drug use, risky and impaired driving, teen violence, and teen suicide.  SADD Mission is to provide students with the best prevention tools possible to deal with the issues of underage drinking, other drug use, risky and impaired driving, and other destructive decisions. Advisor: Mrs. Shepherd



Hot Rod Club:  The Western Wayne Hot Rod Club’s mission is to offer students the ability to learn automotive maintenance procedures, attain and enhance their mechanical skills, and provide a safe environment for them to learn practical trade skills that anyone who will operate a vehicle may gain mechanical experience. Many students do not have the ability to schedule a full automotive lab course in their academic career, therefore they have the opportunity to join the Hot Rod Club.

  • The Hot Rod Club is actively involved with the AAA Car Care Clinic offered in Carbondale, the United States Army Youth Educational Services at Maple Grove Raceway in Reading PA, Adopt-A-Highway in front of the High School on Rt. 296, and projects / activities related to the automotive trades and industry.

Advisor: Mr. Landry (Rm 602)