Western Wayne Student Prompts Recognition of FBLA Week in Wayne County

Wayne County Commissioners officially proclaimed FBLA-PBL Week in Wayne County the first week of February after receiving a letter from Western Wayne junior Ezra Tetreault. Ezra is the Western Wayne FBLA vice president, Region 22 president of FBLA, and he is the vice president at large for FBLA for the state of Pennsylvania.    

          Ezra and his FBLA advisor Theresa Lubash were invited to the Wayne County Commissioners meeting on Thursday, February 7, where the group proclaimed FBLA-PBL Week in Wayne County after reading Ezra’s letter in which he asked them to do so.

          “I wrote to the commissioners because I wanted to see more awareness for FBLA in Wayne County,” Ezra explained.  “This year 50 Western Wayne students will be participating in the state FBLA competition and we are all so excited to represent our district at the state level.”

          Ezra explained that FBLA Week is nationally recognized the second week of February.  Some activities that students participate in as a part of it are “Tell Your Story Day” in which students take to social media to discuss their involvement in FBLA, “Dress for Success Day” in which students dress professionally to go to school and also show appreciation for their FBLA advisors, “Membership Recruitment Day” in which current FBLA members try to spread the word to prospective new members, and a pride day in which students show school spirit among other activities throughout the week.

          Both Ezra and Western Wayne FBLA president senior Austin Boguski were glad to participate in some of the activities for FBLA Week especially when they took time to honor their advisor Theresa Lubash.

           Ezra’s mother made cookies for Lubash and both Austin and Ezra dressed up for the “Dress for Success Day” when they went to Lubash and thanked her for everything she does for Western Wayne FBLA students.

          “We were both glad to be able to do something for Ms. Lubash because of all that she does for us,” Austin said.

          Both Ezra and Austin explained that membership in Western Wayne FBLA is increasing this year with 116 students involved in the group this season.

          “I made membership recruitment a goal for myself this year as president,” Austin, who will attend Moravian College next year, explained.  “I really care about FBLA and want other kids to have the same experiences I have had through this program like getting to meet new people and possible employers.”

          Austin looks forward to the state FBLA competition this April in Hershey where he will compete with a group of Western Wayne students in the Entrepreneurship event.

          He feels all of his experiences with FBLA are greatly preparing him for his future career in business management.  He aspires to work as a market research analyst for his uncle’s finance company in Bethlehem.

Fellow FBLA student leader Ezra also feels his many experiences with FBLA are preparing him for his future.

          Ezra aspires to have a high ranking position in the military and wishes to attend West Point.

          “I feel the number one thing I am getting out of FBLA is career readiness from all of the duties I have to perform from my leadership positions,” Ezra explained.

          Ezra looks forward to competing in the Emerging Business Issues event at states with his partner fellow Western Wayne senior Evan Coons.  The topic that they have to debate involves microchips in the business industry.  They have to discuss the ethics behind employers inserting a microchip in their employees that could be used for things like building entry.

          Western Wayne Administration, faculty, and staff are proud of Ezra and Austin’s accomplishments along with all of the accomplishments of the FBLA students who are participating in the program this year.  They wish them the best at the upcoming state competition.

          Students who place in the top four of their events at states will go on to the national competition in San Antonio, Texas, in late June.

Western Wayne students participate in the 2019 PMEA District Chorus festival.

The following chorus students participated in the 2019 PMEA District Chorus festival.

Laurel Frable

Alexandra Solimine

Rhonda Fenkner

Dakota Beavers

Kevin Franc

RJ Clemens

It was held on February 6th – 8th, with a performance on Feb. 8th at Lakeland High School.

RJ Clemens placed 3rd and has qualified to move on to the PMEA Region Chorus Festival.

The Region Chorus Festival will be held on March 20th to March 22nd.

A Concert will be performed on March 22nd at Canton Jr. Sr. High School at 7:30PM.

Middle School Teacher Inducted into Wilkes Athletic Hall of Fame

Western Wayne Middle School Special Education Teacher Mrs. Nadine Taylor Prutzman had the honor of being inducted into the Wilkes Athletic Hall of Fame for 2018-2019 in the 26th class of inductees.  Wilkes recognized Prutzman and five other sports alumni on Saturday, Feb. 2, at the men’s basketball game on campus. 

Following this event, an induction ceremony and reception took place in the Hall of Fame room in the Marts Center on campus.

 Prutzman, who graduated in 2007, played softball for Wilkes.  Prutzman helped lead the Colonels to 83 wins and the 2006 Freedom Conference championship and NCAA tournament. She was named All-Freedom Conference three times including Player of the Year as a junior in 2005.

In addition, she was named First Team All-ECAC South, First Team All-Region and Second Team All-American in the same season. Also, she was recognized on the Middle Atlantic Conference All-Century Team in 2013.  Prutzman ranks seventh in runs scored (79), seventh in hits (131), eighth in doubles (25), third in triples (8) and fifth in stolen bases (38) all while playing in the Colonel outfield. 

Prutzman has many fond memories of her time playing softball for Wilkes University.

“I enjoyed everything about Wilkes Softball!  Yes, even the 5:30 am practices! I will forever cherish the friendships made with my teammates and coaches both on and off the diamond.  I enjoyed the Martz Bus rides, Spring Break trips, making diving catches, being in the batter’s box with a 3-2 count, screaming to cheer my teammates on and getting lightheaded from it, the 20 second chats in the outfield before each inning, the superstitious rituals, and the list goes on and on,” she explained.  “It is difficult to name just one memorable and favorite moment playing softball for Wilkes.  Being selected as an All-American as an outfielder and winning the MAC Championship my senior year would definitely be ranked high as a favorite memory.”

Prutzman felt honored to be recognized in such a way by her collegiate alma mater.

“It hard to describe the feeling being inducted into the Wilkes University’s Athletics Hall of Fame. The feeling came to me when they announced all my accomplishments and statistics,” Prutzman said.  “After I heard them, I couldn’t help but to feel very proud and honored.”

Sharing the entire experience with her family and friends made it all the more special for Prutzman.

“The induction event was amazing! I had the chance to meet other athletes being induced into the Hall of Fame who graduated college ahead of me.  I also got to connect with my former coaches, teammates, friends, and family.  There are many things that I will remember about the event, in particular, seeing my picture in a plaque located in the Hall of Fame room at Wilkes University,” Prutzman explained.  “Just knowing that it will be displayed and viewed by generations of athletes makes me take a breath.  Having my children point to their mommy, made me smile big.”

Support our Federal Workers at USP Canaan

Please bring canned goods and personal care items to each school’s main office by FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 8.

Sponsored by the teachers of the Western Wayne Education Association (WWEA) & the custodians and cafeteria staff of the Western Wayne Education Support Professionals Association (WWESPA)

Wildcat Marching Band Performs in Disney World

Over ninety members of the Western Wayne Wildcat Marching Band and Color Guard performed this past Friday, Feb. 1 at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World.  The group marched in the park’s afternoon parade called Disney Festival of Fantasy.  Led by band director Mrs. Elaine Ort, the group performed “Circle of Life” from the Lion King.  The students were thrilled to have the once in a life time opportunity of playing as they marched through Main Street USA.  “We are very proud of all of the accomplishments of the members of the Wildcat Marching Band,” Ort said.

Western Wayne Art Students Place at High School Emerging Artists Showcase

Two self-portraits titled “Jet Fuel” and “Made of Dust” and a color pencil piece of actor Luke Evans won Western Wayne High School art students Melanie Roberts and Shailyn Pugh first and second place respectively at the 4th High School Emerging Artists Showcase at The Art Factory of White Mills on Saturday, Jan. 19.

Students from local schools participated.  Western Wayne had a number of high school students submit pieces including: Maya Black, Miriam Sheehan, Melanie Roberts, Melody Gershey, Dayla Jones, Kat Moore, Rachel Butler, Shailyn Pugh, Abby Burke, and Nina Nerys.

Junior Shailyn Pugh won the second place prize of a 75 dollar gift card to Michael’s.

She felt proud of her color pencil portrait of actor Luke Evans who, among many other roles, recently played Gaston in the newest Beauty and the Beast film.  Shailyn enjoys creating portraits and other realistic pieces.  She thinks the one she did of Evans is one of her best.

“I used to be afraid of blending colors,” Shailyn explained.  “But for this piece I think the colors I needed were there in the end.”

The prize money will help Shailyn purchase water color paper and new paint.  She would like to practice more painting and explained that she loves the challenge involved in creating good quality art work.

“When I’m finished with a piece, I like to see what I created and usually I can see myself getting better,” Shailyn said.

Her classmate senior Melanie Roberts came in first at the showcase for her self-portraits, “Jet Fuel” and “Made of Dust.”

Melanie explained how she

enjoys creating symbolic self-portraits that display qualities about her.


“Jet Fuel,” created with half colored pencil and half pen and ink, has a background of half water with her head under it.

“A lot of my pictures show emotion,” Melaine said.

Daydreaming and wonderment is represented in Melanie’s other portrait in the showcase called “Made of Dust,” created with colored pencil, charcoal, and some acrylic.  She explained how there are planets and starts around her head in the picture which represent how her head is sometimes in the clouds.

Next year, Melaine wishes to start college in the spring and study art.  In the meantime, she plans to use the prize of a 100 dollar gift card to Michaels to buy more acrylic paint and pen and ink markers.

“I like to show how I feel in my art work,” Melaine explained.  “It helps me to explain things because it is hard to talk about emotions.”

PROSPER Session Starting – Tuesday, February 12th

Western Wayne partners with Penn State Extension to provide Prosper to the families of Western Wayne School District.  PROSPER is a model for bringing evidence-based prevention programs to schools and communities with the goal of strengthening families and building youth skills.  PROSPER teaches skills and attitudes that foster improvements in family life which enhance parent-child communication. It also provides students with the necessary skills for planning, problem solving, and peer resistance against problem behaviors.  Studies have shown that these protective factors help youth avoid substance use and risk-taking behaviors.

The Strengthening Families Program is set to begin February 12, 2019 at Western Wayne Middle School.  Strengthening Families is for families with students in fifth or sixth grades.  The program consists of seven sessions.  Each session begins at 5:30 pm with a free family supper served at the Western Wayne Middle School.  After supper, the children and adults participate in a variety of activities  designed to improve parenting skills, build life skills in youth, and strengthen family bonds.  Sessions conclude at 8:00 pm.  Free babysitting is provided.


Parent sessions include these topics:

Using love and limits

Making house rules

Encouraging good behavior

Using consequences

Building bridges

Protecting against substance abuse

Using community resources

Youth sessions include these topics:


Having goals and dreams

Appreciating parents

Dealing with stress

Following rules

Handling peer pressure

Reaching out to others

A few slots for this session are still available.

 What do past participants have to say!

“This is a fantastic program and I hope it continues for years to come!”

“My son had so much fun.  He was sad when it ended.” 

“We really had a great time together.”

“I liked the interaction with other families going through similar situations.”

“I learned we are not alone.  Us moms and dads need to stick together!”

“It was fun and no pressure.”


If you are interested or would like to know more you may contact one of the following:


Mrs. Kristin Donohue, 800-321-9973 option 2

Mr. Justin Pidgeon, 800-321-9973 option 3

Mrs. Maria Miller, 800-321-9973 option 4


Western Wayne Student Makes Display for 2019 Pennsylvania Farm Show


Snow shoes, maple leafs, and thermometers all appear carefully placed in Western Wayne senior Sadie Nahman’s display that she created for the 2019 Pennsylvania Farm Show exhibit for maple syrup.     Sadie follows in the footsteps of her art teacher, Mr. Justin Hayden, who had made the display in the past for the Northeastern Pennsylvania Maple Producers Association.  Hayden approached Sadie with the idea thinking it could be a good way for her to use her artistic talents to help the community and for her to accomplish her senior project.  All Western Wayne seniors must complete a senior project involving work in the community.

“I thought Sadie would do a really great job researching the process and applying her knowledge to this piece,” Hayden explained.

In preparation of making the display, Sadie had to research the process of making maple syrup.

“I had no idea how it worked,” Sadie explained.  “I learned you have to heat up maple syrup and basically cook it before it can be eaten.”

Having always loved the outdoors, Sadie thought she would enjoy her work creating this piece for the farm show.  She explained that the most challenging part of the project was having to do her pencil artwork for the display on a large scale to be shown behind the entire maple exhibit area.

However, Sadie felt up for the challenge since she plans to work to achieve other lofty goals starting next year when she will study forensic science in college.  She believes that her work in her art class especially with her senior project piece will better prepare her for the future.

“You have to strategically place things,” she explained.  “So this causes you to have to look ahead and plan out what you want the picture to be before you begin it.”

Sadie’s maple piece from the farm show will also be on display at the GDS Fair and Wayne County Fair this summer.

All Western Wayne administration and staff are proud of Sadie’s accomplishments and wish her the best in the future.