9th Annual Varden Conservation Day

Join us for a day of learning: History, Environmental, Education, and Community Organizations.

ATTENTION CLASS OF 2019: LifeTouch Cap & Gown Photo

ATTENTION CLASS OF 2019: If you need to have your cap & gown photo taken, or are in need of a retake, LifeTouch will be in the HS Auditorium on Thursday, August 2, 2018. This will be for cap & gown photos ONLY. Please call LifeTouch at 800-836-3005 to schedule your appointment. Appointments are available from 10:00 AM to 2:40 PM.

Who Is Your Student’s Guidance Counselor at WWHS?

The addition of another school counselor has allowed us to change some of our roles to better accommodate the students at all grade levels.  Starting in the 2018-2019 school year, students will be working with the counselors listed below:

  • Renee Chernin – 9th & 10th Grades – Last Names Starting with A through L
  • Rachael Palko – 9th & 10th Grades – Last Names Starting with M through Z
  • Matthew Fitzsimmons – 11th & 12th Grades – Last Names Starting with A through L
  • Kasey Gribble – 11th & 12th Grades – Last Names Starting with M through Z


Western Wayne Teachers Receive PASR Award

Western Wayne recently honored two outstanding teachers by presenting them with the PASR award at their annual Middle School Moving-Up Ceremony held on Thursday, June 21 in the Middle School gym.

The PASR award is presented on a rotating basis to two teachers within the school districts of Western Wayne, Wallenpaupack, and Wayne Highlands.  This year the award was presented to two teachers within the Western Wayne School District.  The recipients of the 2018 PASR award for Western Wayne were Mrs. Carrie Wittenbrader and Mr. Michael Bershefsky.

PASR is an association comprised of members who are all retired employees of the public schools of Pennsylvania. PASR’s mission is “to serve others in need and help one another enjoy retirement.”

PASR was established in 1937 and is a pioneer of nonprofit voluntary membership organizations nationally—having helped establish both the National Retired Teachers’ Association in 1947 and the nation’s largest senior organization, AARP, in 1958. Currently, there are approximately 70 local PASR chapters. Most are found throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; however, chapters are located throughout the country.

Western Wayne is extremely proud of their teachers for receiving this honor.

Michael Bershefsky has been a faithful employee of the Western Wayne School District since August of 2002.  Mr. B., as he is known by his students, works tirelessly as a Para-Professional with students who have intense emotional, behavioral, and academic needs.  Mr. B. is an incredibly caring and kind-hearted individual who unconditionally supports his students.  Mr. B. also supports the school and community through countless hours of volunteer work and activities.

Carrie Wittenbrader started her Wildcat teaching career in 2006.  Mrs. Wittenbrader is known as a dedicated teacher who is always creating engaging lessons for her students.  Mrs. Wittenbrader will stop at nothing to see her students succeed.  Aside from her teaching duties, she has served as coach, advisor, mentor, and volunteer.

In recognition to Wildcat dedication and excellence, the Western Wayne School District is proud to recognize the work and accomplishments of both Michael Bershefsky and Carrie Wittenbrader.

Graduation Live Stream Information

Western Wayne Graduation will be live streamed via Facebook and YouTube. The YouTube live streaming video will be available directly from the Western Wayne Website and both streams will be active at approximately 5:30 PM.

Summer School Information

Students who have satisfied all school obligations (including text books, cafeteria balances, etc.) can register for a course on June 27th (8:00 to 11:00) or June 28th (9:00 to 12:00) at WESTERN WAYNE HIGH SCHOOL. A GUIDANCE RECOMMENDATION is required since all summer school students must have an average in the 55-69 range for the subject they need to make up. Any student with a grade under a 55 will not be allowed to register for summer school. Guidance recommendations are located on the Failure Notice sent out by Guidance. The cost will be $150.00 per student/per course. Checks may be made payable to the Western Wayne School District. ALL financial obligations MUST be met!


Classes will be offered from 8:00 – 10:00 and 10:00 – 12:00.

The number of classes/sections will be based on student enrollment and instructor availability.

Summer School 2018 Flyer

Western Wayne is Making the Grade!

   If you have not already, please view the report GRADING OUR SCHOOLS from the Scranton Times.   We are Western Wayne Proud of the district’s performance.  In the High and Low section our Third Grade were recognized on the PSSA test  in both ELA and Math as second in the region for performance, and WW High School was one of 13 districts meeting SAT performance. Our Middle School met or exceeded the State Average in ELA and Science, as did the Elementary in Grades 4 and 5. The High School met or exceeded all areas of performance in Algebra, Biology and Literature on the Keystone Exam. If you are interested in the complete report, see the Scranton Times.

   Dr. Barrett and I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Board of Education, our administration, teachers, staff, students and parents for the continued hard work, tough decisions, and support to ensure Western Wayne is successful, not only academically, but in preparing students to meet the challenges of a global society.

Wayne County Schools Participate in Special Olympics Interscholastic Unified Sports Program

Pictured are Western Wayne participants at the unified track meet held at Western Wayne on May 24.  From left, kneeling: Cynthia A. LaRosa, director of special education; Sabrina Swoyer, Coral Swoyer, Victoria Kroll, Jared Loveland, Jamie Newman, Amy Newman, and Elizabeth Bellush-Moore, special education teacher.  From left, standing:  Kristin Johnson, Schuyler Chumard, Shawn Dixon, Caleb Burns, Michael Phillips, Sinaea Buford, and Jennifer DeNike, assistant director of special education.


Imagine an individual sporting event where it is encouraged to help your fellow teammates and teammates from opposing schools.  This unique, friendly atmosphere was the norm at the unified track meet held at Western Wayne High School on Thursday, May 24, in which both regular education and special education students participated together.  The Western Wayne students played against and with students from Honesdale and Wallenpaupack.

This was part of three tri-meets held in May involving these three Wayne County schools.  Honesdale and Wallenpaupack hosted the other events.  The unified track meets are part of a program called Special Olympics Interscholastic Unified Sports (IUS).  This is a fully-inclusive co-ed high school sports program which successfully brings together students with and without disabilities.  The students train together, compete as equal teammates, and through this experience, become friends.  IUS teams are regarded like every other interscholastic sports team at the high school level.

The IUS program was presented at a Local Education Agency meeting and Special Olympics was looking to pilot the program at Wayne County schools this year.  Special Olympics graciously provides funding for this very important program for local students.

The Western Wayne Unified Track Team is composed of the following students: Coral Swoyer, Sinaea Buford, Schuyler Chumard, Shawn Dixon, Caleb Burns, Michael Phillips, Victoria Kroll, Sabrina Swoyer, Amy Newman, Jamie Newman, and Jared Loveland.  The team is coached by Cynthia A. LaRosa, director of special education;


Jennifer DeNike, assistant director of special education; and Elizabeth Bellush-Moore, special education teacher.

All participants in the unified track meets participated in the following track events: 100 meters, 400 meters, 800 meters, 4×100 and 4×400 relays.  They also competed in the following field events: shot put, running long jump, and mini-javelin.

For many members of the unified track team, this is their first after-school activity and sport.  One such student is Western Wayne freshman Jared Loveland.

“It feels so great to be a part of a team,” Jared said.  “I like cooperating with everyone and hanging out with them.”

Jared’s favorite part was throwing the javelin at the meet.

“My team gave me a lot of support,” Jared said.

Jared also said he greatly enjoyed the social aspect of the event.

“I love talking to new people,” Jared, who aspires to be an X-ray technician, said.

Jared’s teammate senior Schuyler Chumard also liked the atmosphere at the meet.

“I like seeing friends from other schools,” Schuyler explained.

Schuyler’s favorite event was a relay race he did with his Western Wayne teammates.

“I like to close the relay,” Schuyler, who runs the last leg, explained.  “It’s easy to get to the finish line.”

Western Wayne sophomore Sabrina Swoyer said she most enjoyed helping other students like Schuyler cross the finish line or achieve a different goal at the event.

“This experience has helped me realize that I may want to become a special education teacher in the future,” Sabrina explained.  “I realize just how much patience I have.  I understand that the special education students go through a lot of challenges, but if they have a friend, like me, to help them then they won’t feel as challenged in a situation like the track meet and can feel more like everyone else.”

Fellow sophomore Jack McAllister, who assisted at the Western Wayne meet, also greatly enjoyed making all of the students feel welcome and good about themselves.

“I love watching the students achieve something and then seeing their smiles afterwards,” Jack explained.

Jack, who has an older  brother who  has autism, said he has always enjoyed working with other special education students at Western Wayne and hopes to continue doing so in the future.

Jack is in agreement with all Western Wayne administrators, teachers, and students who participated in the unified track events this year.

“We hope to continue the program next year,” Bellush-Moore said.

All Western Wayne participants in unified track were honored at a recent board meeting in the Western Wayne District Office and feel very excited to continue working together in the future.


Western Wayne freshman Jared Loveland throws the javelin at a recent unified track meet.

Western Wayne senior Schuyler Chumard races to the finish line.

Western Wayne sophomore siblings Sabrina and Coral Swoyer participate at the unified track meet recently hosted by Western Wayne.