Touch a Truck at EverGreen Elementary


On May 23, 2018, EverGreen Elementary hosted a Touch a Truck Event. Students were provided the opportunity to explore vehicles such as: satellite truck, plow truck, bucket truck, oil tanker, dump trucks, lifted smart car, fire truck, police car, and state police motor carrier van. Through this engaging and hands on experience, student learned about the world of work, different careers, and the importance of the vehicles to the careers.










WNEP 16 Coverage:

Students Enjoy Evergreen Elementary’s ‘Touch a Truck’ Event


Unified Track and Field Tri Meet – Need Your Help!

On May 24th, Western Wayne will host a Track and Field Tri Meet against Wallenpaupack and Wayne Highlands. This is our Unified Track and Field team.  The meet starts at 4PM and volunteers are needed. If interested, please email Elizabeth Bellush-Moore at

Spectators are welcome to cheer on the athletes from the stands. Please come out and show that Wildcat PRIDE!

The Special Education Department, along with the district administrators are excited and proud to host this event.  We thank Mrs. La Rosa, Ms. DeNike,  and Kristin Johnson who have been volunteering, for all the efforts and extra time they have provided to our students; and we thank you in advance for all those we know will step up, as we host this event.



Drama Club Will Open Nice Work Friday, April 27


This is the police!  We have the place surrounded- except for the back!  This is just one of many great lines sure to make you laugh in Western Wayne Drama Club’s production of the 1920s musical comedy Nice Work If You Can Get It featuring the music of Gershwin.

The show will open on Friday, April 27 at 7 p.m. in Western Wayne High School’s newly renovated Veterans Memorial Auditorium located at 1970a Easton Turnpike, Lake Ariel, PA 18436.  Performances will also be on Saturday, April 28 at 7 p.m. and Sunday, April 29 at 3 p.m.  Tickets are available at the door at $3 for students, senior citizens, and $5 for adults.  Western Wayne students are free with a student ID.

The story centers around a wealthy man-about-town Jimmy Winter, who meets female bootlegger Billie Bendix on the weekend of his wedding. Thinking Jimmy will be out of town, Billie and her gang then hides something in the basement of his Long Island mansion. But when Jimmy, his wife-to-be, and her prohibitionist family show up, Billie and her cohorts pose as servants who cause hijinks galore.

One of Billie’s cohorts is bootlegger Cookie McGee played by senior John Kear.  Cookie is by far the most outrageous character in the show.  He poses as a butler at Jimmy’s beach house to help him pull off a variety of schemes.

Throughout the show, Cookie pokes fun at a number of characters and sings a variety of amusing songs including “Do,  Do, Do” a number he performs with a few other male cast members to help Jimmy make Billie see that he has feelings for her.

“I like playing Cookie because our personalities are very similar,” John, who will attend Marywood University next year to study music education, said.  “I like to be loud and over-the-top just like him.”

Another out-spoken character in the show is Jimmy’s mother Millicent played by junior Lindsey Karwacki.

“I love my character’s attitude and her no-hold-bars demeanor,” Lindsey explained.

Unlike her cast mate John, Lindsey explained how Millicent’s personality is a stretch from who she is in real life.

“She’s a lot crasser than I am,” Lindsey said.  “Playing her allows me to let loose and be a person I’m not every day.  This part is a huge difference from what I played last year when I had the part of a respectable 1950s homemaker in Bye Bye Birdie.  I think the audience will enjoy learning about Millicent and all of her unconventional ways in our production.”

Lindsey’s fellow cast mate Ty Alpaugh agrees that the development of many of the characters throughout the musical is something that audiences will enjoy.

“My character Billie Bendix goes through a large character progression,” Ty explained.  “At first she’s tough and sure of herself.  Billie is sure that love isn’t for her, but by the end she realizes ‘love isn’t for suckers.’”

Ty, who will attend Vassar College next year to study theater and film, has aspirations of being on Broadway.

One aspect of musical performance that Ty has the least experience with is dance, but this year  she gained much more of that with her tap number “S’Wonderful” performed with Jimmy fellow castmate junior RJ Clemens.

“Learning a six-minute tap dance was the wildest thing I’ve ever done in a show,” Ty said.  “I was able to memorize the moves easily but needed to take a lot more time to work to develop the style and techniques of the routine.”

Ty hopes her dance experience along with all of her other experiences in the performing arts will help her be prepared for her auditions in college.

Nice Work features a few tap numbers the largest tap production number being “Fascinating Rhythm” the closer to the first act.  This piece features all thirty cast members.  The cast is looking forward to showing off their new dance skills in this show-stopping piece.

“I really practiced the tap dancing,” senior ensemble member Ellen Dwyer said.  “I especially worked on the parts where we have to move backwards and on my smiling throughout the performance.  I feel like I am a much better dancer than when I started out my freshman year.”

Ellen, who has loved most making many new friends at musical over the years, looks forward to attending Luzerne County Community College in the fall to study graphic arts.

Another cast member who also named “Fascinating Rhythm” as her favorite number in the show is sophomore Rebeccah King.  Rebeccah has been in musical since she was in eighth grade.

“I love the “Fascinating Rhythm” dance because all of the cast members have a special section in the number,” she explained.  “I like getting to dance in the front of my group because our steps are different than everyone else’s and I’m excited for the audience to see what we have been working on.”

Rebeccah also loves all of the costumes she gets to wear in the show her favorite being the 1920’s style party dress she gets to wear in the wedding scene in Act II.

“I love my dress’ rich blue color and the bows it has on the sides,” she said.  “It really helps me feel like I am back in that time instead of now.”

Cast member sophomore Honour Shaffer who plays bootlegger Duke Mahoney also thinks that wearing costumes really helps him get into character.

“The costumes really help me get an idea of who I’m supposed to be in a show,” Honour explained.  “For example, last year I played Conrad Birdie and wearing his flashy clothes helped me really get a sense of his over-the-top persona.  This year I find that especially wearing Duke’s hat helps me to feel what his personality should be.  At first Duke is unsure of himself, but as the story progresses he gains the confidence he needs to write a love song for the girl of his dreams.”

One of two cast members who understand the progression of all of the storylines from the show is freshman Lily Visceglia.  Lily and sophomore Andie Solimine both had the responsibility of being swings this year.  This meant that they attended all rehearsals and filled in for all parts when cast members were absent.  Both girls could step into any role and, by the end of the process, have almost memorized the script in its entirety.

“I loved how being a swing helped me to be more involved in the process of creating our show,” Lily, who dreams of performing on Broadway, said.

Lily named a few parts that she thinks the audience will love this weekend.

“One of my favorite numbers to do is the show opener “Sweet and Lowdown” because you get to be sassy with your dancing and all of the girls in the cast perform in it,” she explained.  “The audience will see so many beautiful flapper dresses in the opener and will really get a feel for the 1920s era right from the start of the performance.”

Along with the large musical numbers, Lily thinks the best parts of the show are the comedic moments that both adults and kids will enjoy alike in different ways.

“There is a scene in Act I where Jimmy is talking to his future bride Eileen through the door while she is in the bathtub,” Lily explained.  “I think everything about that scene is hysterical from the dialogue to the surprise guests that emerge from the tub.”

She also thinks the audience will enjoy the friendship between Jimmy and Cookie throughout the show.

“They are loveable crooks,” Lily explained.  “At one point, Cookie tucks in Jimmy and they say their ‘I love you s’ before bed and it’s just too much. I know it will get a lot of laughs.”

Lily and the rest of the cast hope the audience stay until the end because the last fifteen minutes of the production are full of revelation after revelation about all of the characters who they will surely grow to love throughout the performance.

“There are so many twists and turns in the wedding scene in Act II,” Lily explained.  “It’s just one ridiculous thing after the other.”

The Western Wayne Drama Club looks forward to performing for members of the community this weekend. This is the first year Western Wayne has had a yearlong drama club for students in grades 8 through 12. Along with the students in the cast, many other drama club students have been involved in the stage crew creating sets and moving them during the production.  The pit orchestra for Nice Work is also composed of mainly Western Wayne band members.  All involved in this production cordially invite the public to their performances.

TSA Scientific Visualization – First in the State!

The Western Wayne TSA Scientific Visualization team has placed first in the state. The six members want to move on and compete at the national level in Atlanta in June.

The students are:

Dalton Frisbie Journey Sosa Maya Black Rachel Butler Vaeda Pontosky  Robert Carey

Stock Market Competition – Middle School Places 2nd!!

In a letter from the Pennsylvania Council on Financial Literacy:

On behalf of the team at the Pennsylvania Council on Financial Literacy, it is our honor and pleasure to announce that your students have finished  second place in the local competition.

This program is brought to your area, with the generous support of Dime Bank.

We will be following up with press, prizes, and certificates.

Congratulations Mr. Lodini and Western Wayne Middle School!!!


Ranking Middle School – Week Ten Portfolio
1 Forest City – Lisette Kozar 104,566.36
2 Western Wayne -Thomas Lodini 103,484.07
3 Wallenpaupack  – Argyro Paspalas 102,426.45

Scholastic Superstar: Tylea ‘Ty’ Alpaugh

When a classmate needed help to achieve the SAT score needed to attend her dream college, Tylea “Ty” Alpaugh stepped in.

The senior at Western Wayne studied with her tennis teammate for eight months, resulting in her peer gaining acceptance into the college.

Ty continues to volunteer as an SAT tutor, works as the head artist at a charity that has sent more than 8,000 soccer balls to Haitian orphans and volunteers for her local library’s summer reading programs.

The daughter of Amy and Cole Alpaugh, she is the first National Merit Finalist in the high school’s history, an accomplishment she is most proud of. Ty also takes a rigorous amount of advanced placement courses at Western Wayne.

However, it’s her contributions to art and music she’s found most rewarding; Ty played the leading role in the school’s last two musicals.

She is also a member of the marching band, serving as band historian and playing the marimba and tenor drums.

Ty was a foley artist — the person who reproduces every day sounds during performances — during the a Spotlight Players performance. The theater company is based in Wayne County.

A member of the tennis team, Ty lead the team to districts as co-captain.

She most admires bees because they are important pollinators and make delicious honey. She also admires her camp film instructor, who sparked Ty’s interest to start her on a journey into cinematography. Ty enjoys watching movies in the theaters and creating short films in her spare time.

That passion will lead her to Vassar College after graduation, where she plans to double major in drama and film. In 15 years, she sees herself living in New York City and acting on Broadway.

Ty, who collects quotes from people in her daily life, says her philosophy on life can be summed up with a Cat in the Hat quote from “Seussical the Musical:” “…Simply, things could be worse.”

Contact the writer:;

570-348-9100 x5114;

@kbolusTT on Twitter

Wildcat World Featured Student: Abby Gogolski

Western Wayne Administration has recognized junior Abby Gogolski as an outstanding student.  Abby completed an excellent senior project this past winter in which she raised about 3,000 dollars in her effort to provide Wayne County families with a good meal for Christmas.

Western Wayne High School students are required to complete a senior project before graduation.  These projects are many times community-service based.  Abby, who aspires one day to have a career in finance, thought she wanted to put her budgeting and marketing skills to good use to help those in need for her senior project.

She worked closely with her mother to set up her very successful project.  In mid-December, she set up a day for the community to donate food for her efforts at Ray’s Supermarket in Waymart.  She said she raised about 200 dollars at that event and collected about 40 boxes of food.

Abby also set up drop stations for the community to donate at the Waymart Lodge and the Salem Lodge. Along with these efforts to collect donations at local businesses, Abby also created a GoFundMe account to have an online effort to help provide for those in need in Wayne County.

Along with asking for help on the internet, Abby also sent out letters to people in the community both asking for donations and for suggestions of families who would benefit from her project.  In addition, Abby asked local businesses to donate.  In the end, she said she raised about 3,000 dollars in her combined efforts of asking for both monetary donations and donations of food items.  Abby used the money she raised to buy more items to donate to those in need such as turkeys for holiday meals.

Once Abby had everything collected, she went out on a weekend in December and donated the food in baskets she put together to family homes in the community.  She made all of the donations anonymously.


“During the holiday season in the past, I had heard people in the community saying they couldn’t afford certain things,” Abby explained.  “So I thought this would be a beneficial time to do a senior project of this nature to help people who don’t have a lot.”

Abby, an honor roll student, has always enjoyed volunteer work.  She volunteers at a local church in Hamlin in their food pantry every month and is glad she can continue her service beyond her senior project.

When Abby isn’t volunteering her time to help others, she is involved in FBLA, CATS club, Spanish club, and the tennis team.

She wishes to attend Southeastern University in Florida after graduation to pursue a degree in marketing.  She is considering a career as a financial advisor and hopes that as a part of that career she can provide some services for people who are less fortunate to help them get back on their feet.

Western Wayne High School Principal Paul Gregorski is very proud of Abby’s efforts.

“Abby is a role model to others in our school through her efforts to help those in the community,” Gregorski said.  “I look forward to seeing how she continues to make a positive impact on both the Western Wayne community and community-at-large during her senior year.”

Pictured is Western Wayne student Abby Gogolski with both letters she wrote to community members to help get donations for her senior project his past winter and letters of thanks she received after the project.  Abby worked to provide food for those in need this past holiday season.


Drama Club to Perform Nice Work If You Can Get It April 27, 28, 29

The Western Wayne Drama Club will present the musical comedy Nice Work If You Can Get It that is set in the 1920s and features music and lyrics  by George Gershwin and Ira Gershwin. Book is by Joe DiPietro.  The show is inspired by material by Guy Bolton and P.G. Wodehouse.

Set in the 1920s, Nice Work is the story of wealthy man-about-town Jimmy Winter, who meets female bootlegger Billie Bendix on the weekend of his wedding. Thinking Jimmy will be out of town, Billie and her gang then hides something in the basement of his Long Island mansion. But when Jimmy, his wife-to-be, and her prohibitionist family show up, Billie and her cohorts pose as servants who cause hijinks galore.  Nice Work is loosely based on the 1926 Gershwin musical Oh, Kay! and features a score of classic Gershwin songs some of which audiences will surely recognize like “Someone to Watch Over Me” and “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off.”

“Originally produced on Broadway by” Scott Landis, Roger Berlind, Sonia Friedman Productions, Roy Furman, Standing CO Vation, Candy Spelling, Freddy DeMann, Ronald Frankel, Harold Newman,  Jon B. Platt, Raise the Roof 8, Takonkiet Viravan, William Berlind/ Ed Burke, Carol L. Haber/ Susan Carusi, Buddy and Barbara Freitag/ Sanford Robertson, Jim Herbert/ Under the Wire, Emanuel Azenberg, and The Shubert Organization.

Performances by Western Wayne students will take place Friday, April 27 at 7 p.m.; Saturday, April 28 at 7 p.m.; and Sunday, April 29 at 3 p.m. in the newly renovated Western Wayne Veterans Memorial Auditorium located at 1970A Easton Turnpike, Lake Ariel, PA 18436.   Students and senior citizens $3 dollars for tickets and adults $5 for tickets.  Western Wayne students are admitted free with a student ID.

Over the past two years, the Western Wayne School District has installed a new state-of-the-art light and sound system along with putting in new curtains, a stage floor, seating, and carpeting.  This past November the auditorium was publicly dedicated to all veterans who selflessly serve our country.

This school year Western Wayne formed a year-round drama club for students in grades 8 through 12 called Wildcat Curtain Call.  Students in a variety of areas of the performing arts are involved in the club and participation in the musical is not required.

“We are all so excited about the wonderful, new opportunities for performing arts students at Western Wayne,” Mrs. Jessica McLaughlin, musical director, said.  “We look forward to putting on our production of Nice Work along with putting together other drama club events.”

Front row, from left: Rhonda Fenkner, who plays Jeannie; Sam Pritzlaff, who plays the Duchess; Ty Alpaugh, who plays Billie; Calla Shaffer, who plays Eileen; and Lindsey Karwacki, who plays Millicent. Back row, from left:  John Kear, who plays Cookie; Honour Shaffer, who plays Duke; R.J. Clemens, who plays Jimmy; Jake Jones, who plays the Senator; and Marty Spewak, who plays the Chief.